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  • Hear Me Move

    South Africa's first dance film. Sbujwa has never been this big.

  • Hear Me Move

    hmm-unofficial-posterLOGLINE: The son of a famous street dancer tries to discover the truth about his father's tragic death 12 years prior. When he joins forces with his father's dance partner, he finds himself embroiled in a bitter rivalry that pushes him to his limit.

    DURATION: 105 minutes
    GENRES: Dance. Drama
    NICHES: Street Culture, Urban
    RELEASE DATE: 19 December 2014 (South Africa)
    DISTRIBUTOR: Ster Kinekor Distribution

    DIRECTOR: Scottnes L. Smith 
    PRODUCERS: Fidel Namisi and Wandile Molebatsi
    CAST: Nyaniso Dzedze, Bontle Modiselle, Mbuso Kgarebe, Makhaola Ndebele, S’thandiwe Kgoroge, Wandile Molebatsi, Lillian Dube, Alf Ntombela, Amanda Du Pont, Boity Thulo, Lorcia Cooper, Trevor Gumbi, Khanyi Mbau and Khutso Theledi.

    PRODUCTION COMPANY: Coal Stove Pictures 

    Official Website:

    Official Trailer, Featurette, Clips, Production Stills:

  • Tooth And Nails

    A failed kwaito star masquerades as a bible bashing gospel musician in this light hearted musical caper.

  • Tooth And Nails

    TANTooth is a failed kwaito star with delusions of grandeur. When he tries to launch his nonexistent career, he falls into the hands of a villainous loan shark. Running for his life, he sneaks his way into a gospel music talent camp and tries his hand at gospel music as a way out of the mess he's in.

    Producers:  Fidel Namisi and Alex Nthule

    Director: Scottnes L. Smith

    Writers: Fidel Namisi and Desmond Ntshalintshali

    Starring: Miza Modibedi, Samkelo Mzizi, Bhelekazi Bhelz, Athandwa Kani, Nathaniel Ramabulana and Balinde Nxumalo

  • KeJive

    A talent agent helps his gifted ward to achieve his wildest dreams.

  • KeJive

    KJA down and out talent agent discovers a dance prodigy, and together they journey towards rebuilding their broken lives and realizing their dreams.

    Producers: Fidel Namisi and Alex Nthule

    Director: Xolelwa Nhlabatsi

    Writers: Fidel Namisi and Tracey-Lee Dearham-Rainers

    Starring: Lennox Mathabathe, Zolani Shangase, Khutjo Green, Annida Raletoana and Balinde Nxumalo


  • Remix

    Musical drama mini-series around the antics of delinquents in a church praise and worship group.

  • Remix

    remixposterA group of delinquents doing community service at a church work their way into the church's praise and worship group. Hilarity and great music ensue.


    Producers:  Fidel Namisi and Wandile Molebatsi

    Directors:    Thabang Moleya and Scottnes L. Smith

    WritersFidel Namisi, Desmond Ntshalintshali, Mpho Osei-Tutu and Lwazi Mvusi

    Line producer: Gcina Tshabalala.


    Miza  Modibedi as Tooth,

    Samkelo Mzizi as Nails,

    Zinhle Mabena as Lindi,

    Siphiwe Nkosi as Titus,

    Emkay Khanyile as Lungi,

    Nathaniel Ramabulana as Sam,

    Glen Gabela as Pastor Titus,

    Balinde Nxumalo as Taryn,

    Tshepi Mash and Thembi and

    Folofelo Mugovhani as Nikki.


    Two down-and-out kwaito musicians, Tooth and Nails, attempt to wrest control from their useless record label by pirating their own CDs. They get arrested and charged with the misdemeanor of piracy, and are sentenced to carrying out two hundred hours of community service at the Youth Harvest Ministry Church.


    At the Church, they come up with the “brilliant” idea of avoiding manual labour by rejuvenating the defunct Praise and Worship Team at the Church, creating a new group called “REMIX”. Together with the other misfits and the youth at the church, they embark ona journey to realize their talents to the fullest while overcoming their personal issues, their difficulties working with oneanother, and their challenges of being accepted as upright, respectable members of society.


    As they compete to qualify for the National Praise and Worship Competition, they also have to contend with the interference and sabotage of Pastor Titus, the uber-conservative tight-assed “co-deputy assistant pastor”, who believes that these youth should be in jail.


    “REMIX” explores the personal issues that young people from two sides of the social divide face: the so-called “upright law-abiding” citizens, as well as those who have “fallen from grace”. The show aims to depict all the characters in a light, humorous, nonjudgmental light, and to show that at the end of the day, we are all the same, and we all go through the same struggles. Even those who have never committed any crimes or misdemeanors are potentially just as “evil” as those who have, and those who may be “doing time” at the end of the day, are just as human as law-abiding citizens. In this way the show provides both personal and social commentary.




    Sentenced to community service at a church for pirating their own CDs, Tooth and Nails start a gospel singing group to avoid manual labour. Tooth incurs the opposition of Pastor Titus who is the champion of physical discipline to correct one’s wrongs. His daughter Lindi, who is also Tooth’s ex-girlfriend, is caught between making the men in her life happy and discovering her own voice. Meanwhile Nails’ voice is drowned out by Tooth despite him having the key to making the group work.




    Pastor Titus is humiliated when his attempts at disbanding Remix, with the help of the law, are thwarted by Tooth. Tooth receives news from Kidy that she is carrying his child and tries to conceal it from Lindi. In the aftermath of estrangement from her father, Lindi and Tooth's relationship appears to be on the mend until she learns of his alleged infidelity. Lungi plants seeds of dissent in Nails.




    The "Remix" members do duets to decide which will be the main act of their song for the finals. Taryn loses her voice and resorts to some extreme measures to get it back. Titus schemes to get Sam to take over directing "Remix", with surprising results. Meanwhile, Lindi and Percy's relationship deepens, while Lungi starts up a musical partnership with Tooth's rival, Lungi.




    Tooth's life is on a verge of slipping away when forced to marry someone he doesn't love. Lindi finally sees Percy's true colors and finds strength to stand up to him. Nails has been fooled once again by Lungi who he thought would be his new best friend. Remix has fallen apart Tooth and Nails have to work together to rekindle it.




    Tooth reunites the Remix members and manages to lead them to the finals. Lindi makes peace with Titus, and Nails gets the recognition he so sorely craves.





  • St Luke's

    St Luke’s takes us into the secretive, highly competitive world of school-boy rugby; back dropped by the excitement and drama of adolescence

  • St Luke's

    Premise: Johan Van Der Merwe and Zolisana Sigcau are set to become the youngest Springboks in the nation’s rugby history, their only challenge: St Luke’s. All the provincial talent scouts frequent the St Luke’s fields and if Johan and Zolisana have any hope of showing off their talent they must secure their place in the schools legendary first team.


    The affluent old English corridors of St Luke’s-School for boys is the backdrop that propels the world of school-boy rugby and all its aggressive, explosive madness to the screen. St Luke’s takes audiences into this secretive and highly competitive world; back dropped by the excitement and drama of adolescence.

    Located in the lush rolling green-valleys of the KwaZulu Natal are the old Protestant educational institutions of St Luke’s and Clairen’s House. These two academic power houses represent all that is old wealth in South Africa. The schools have educated the majority of the nations leaders in the economic and cultural spheres of South Africa. Both St Luke’s and Clairens House are united and governed on one primary fundamental: fides et tradionis (tradition and faith) these are the pillars that both schools are built on. But of course the unspoken golden rule is success at all costs. It is this ideal that forces the young men and women at St Luke’s and Clairen House to push themselves to the very limits of their physical and mental capabilities.

    The two schools share over two hundred years of tradition between them and tradition underscores every thing that takes place at St Luke’s and Clarian’s House. The two schools are nestled in the Ulundi Valley with the two respective chapels facing each other from either peak in the valley. The two chapels were built by Protestant priests and nuns in the late 1790’s which symbolize both schools underpinning in faith-based education.

    But within these old halls and oaked corridors are young South Africans falling in and out of love, dealing with puberty, fighting their institutional worlds and trying to find their own voices in a rapidly transforming country

  • The Stickfighter

    A self-deprecating coal delivery man masters an ancient African martial art in order to defeat an equally ancient opponent running his city

  • The Stickfighter

    TITLE: The Stickfighter
    GENRE: Adventure
    TARGET GROUP: Late Teen & Adult
    FORMAT: 13 x 26 min episodes
    STATUS: In Early Development

    Rabz Makhaula, a self-deprecating, hesitant, coal delivery man wishes that he could be more in life. He has a strong sense of justice, but is always hesitant to step in whenever he witnesses the crimes that are happening all around him. And whenever he does, he suffers the most because he always gets hurt. This has made him even more cautious around danger. His life turns around when he discovers a pair of glasses that enable him to see the future. At first, he uses them to have a bit of fun and play tricks on the people he serves through his small coal-delivery business.

    Around the same time, Matthews Mkhize, a wealthy mining magnate, starts to feel disenchanted with his wealth and opulent lifestyle. After numerous disturbing dreams, he visits a sangoma (traditional healer or shaman) who tells him that he may have “the calling”. This sets Matthews against his new wife, Nomsa, and his step-son, Clayton, (Nomsa married for wealth and power, not love). Prompted by his sangoma, Matthews visits a dam, seeking to go into the waters and see if he really has the calling to be a shaman. Meanwhile Rabz foresees the death of a little girl in the neighbourhood at the hands of thugs, and he is initially disturbed, then riddled with guilt and decides to step in. He ends up beaten senseless by the thugs and dumped off a high bridge over the dam to drown.

    This is where these two men’s stories intertwine and changes both their courses forever. Whilst he is underwater, Matthews witnesses Rabz’s lifeless body being brought back to the surface by that can only be described as otherworldly creatures and he realises that there is more to Rabz than meets the eye.

    Matthews takes Rabz home, and “adopts” him. Paying heed to his dreams, Matthews, who used to be a stick-fighting champion back in the day in the Eastern Cape (a province of South Africa), teaches Rabz the techniques of stick-fighting. But Rabz, on a mission to avenge the little girl’s death which he was powerless to prevent, modifies the weapons, adding blades to the end of the sticks. Matthews and Rabz disagree over this, but Rabz insists that this is what was shown to him when he was under the waters. Matthews makes him swear to never kill any one, in the true spirit of stick-fighting - because death leads to more death. Rabz agrees to this.

    But trouble is brewing within Matthews’s home. Unbeknownst to him, his wife and Clayton are building an empire of wealth and power, at whatever the cost. And they soon realize that forces beyond this world will help them in their quest, so long as they pay the price of human blood. This pits Rabz on a quest against Clayton. And caught in the middle is Khetiwe, Matthews’s legitimate daughter, who falls in love with Rabz but disagrees with the dual-life that he leads.
    Rabz starts out as a small time neighbourhood vigilante who is given the name “The Stickfighter.” Just as he is getting comfortable in this role, he discovers that he has a destiny that is far more profound and all-encompassing than stopping a couple of poor thugs stealing from poorer people. His destiny is nothing less than to stop his nemesis, Clayton, from becoming the city most powerful mobster by using ancient, dark forces. Clayton is already well on his way to establishing his empire of darkness… and only Rabz, using his ancient art and modern weaponry, can stop him

  • Call Centre

    A young heiress inherits her late father’s call-centre, and has to recruit and manage a staff of odd-ball characters to sell weird products.

  • Call Centre

    CallCenter Poster small

    When her heavily-indebted father passes away, Nomthandazo and her family are left with nothing but a fledgling call centre as their inheritance. In a bid to save her family from financial ruin, Nomthandazo decides to take over the call centre and transform into a profitable venture by selling all sorts of weird and whacky products that other call centres won’t touch. 

    Unfortunately for her, all the previous sales staff quit due to non-payment, and no legit sales people will touch her company due to its bad reputation. This leaves her with no choice but to hire whatever comes in through the door – resulting in a rag-tag bunch of misfits running amuck in her establishment: get-rich-quick schemer Bandile, the anal, irritating smart-ass Methuselah, the sassy fast-talking Pinky, and empty headed beauty, Tears.

    Together, for better and for worse, they work on getting the call centre up and running so they can graduate from selling fong kong products to working with reputable clients. All the while having to deal with various inspectors, potential clients with tip offs that the business is failing and creditors who want money they are owed. What they are unaware of is that the inspections are all at the instruction of Nomthandazo’s Uncle Josiah who desperately seeks to ensure the business’ failure. 

    Producers:  Fidel Namisi and Wandile Molebatsi

    Director: Bruce Molema

    Writers: Fidel Namisi and Boemo Mapetla

    Starring: Vinoliah Phadi, Lebo Motaung, Koketso Mothlabane, Milicent Mashile, Sive Matiwane, Siyabonga Bulose and Lesedi Job


Our Team

With our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a second office in Melbourne Australia, Coal Stove Pictures has been creating exciting and engaging content in every genre that is committed to editorial originality and compelling stories since 2007. We deliver this with an energetic script development team and a unique company profile that has one simple pre-requisite: break new boundaries to consistently deliver Global African Excellence to the world

Scottnes Smith

Scottnes Smith

Scott trained as director and actor at Wits University in Johannesburg. Attended AFDA and spent a semester at the University of Arcada in Helsinki, Finland before becoming a co-founder of Coal Stove Pictures. He directed the critically acclaimed 6-part documentary “Why are we so Angry” for the SABC and his direction of Hear Me Move has propelled the movie to be lauded as Africa’s biggest dance film to date. Currently completing a Master’s Degree in Producing in Melbourne, Australia (2015) DIRECTOR CREDITS: Hear Me Move (2015), Remix (TV Mini Series), Vaya Mzanzi (TV Travel Series), Lucky Numbers (TV Movie)

Wandile Molebatsi

Wandile Molebatsi

A seasoned actor, Wandile has appeared in several foreign co-productions which exposed him to the inner workings of a film crew. He was also a former KTV presenter before going on to graduate from Wits University in 2008 where he received an Honours degree in Dramatic Arts. Since becoming co-founder of Coal Stove Pictures, Wandile has been able to convert a life time spent in the industry into valuable resources and has gained traction as a reputable producer. Amongst his many ACTING CREDITS is: "A Million Colours", "Skeem", "Intersexions", "Soul City", "When We Were Black", "Gothia Caper", "Rhythm City", Chappie” and "Cry The Beloved Country” PRODUCER CREDITS: Hear ME Move” (2015), South Africa’s biggest dance movie with several projects in development.

Fidel Namisi

Fidel Namisi

Writer-Producer of acclaimed dance film "Hear Me Move", Fidel was selected as one of Screen International's 2015 Global Top 40 Producers to Watch. He is the winner of two Writers Guild of South Africa awards (2013 & 2014) for his screenwriting, and is the co-founder of Coal Stove Pictures. When not running many screenwriting workshops and panels, he also spends time training, mentoring and producing promising talent in the industry. WRITING CREDITS include “Hear Me Move” (2015), “Remix”, “Something About Busi”, “Zone 14”, “A Place Called Home”, “Rhythm City”, “Tooth and Nails” and“Lucky Numbers”

Clare Louis

Clare Louis

Having lived in more than 80 countries over 15 years, Clare returned to complete a Master's Degree in 3D Animation. She’s now able to leverage those international networks to access various international markets. Clare is currently Producer/Post-production Supervisor, overseeing animation and live-action projects being developed within Coal Stove Pictures. Amongst her credits is ASST PRODUCER on “Hear ME Move” (2015), South Africa’s biggest dance movie. POST PRODUCTION CREDITS include Made for TV movies: Something About Busi (2014), Call Centre (2014) and Imali Ye Gazi (Blood Money) and several ongoing corporate work.

Nompi Vilakazi

Nompi Vilakazi

Nompi is a writer with experience in television drama series and soap opera. She has worked as an editor for the SABC cutting TV programmes and in the cutting rooms of numerous feature films. As a Script Development Executive at Coal Stove Pictures, she oversees all aspects of development within various genres, such as drama, telenovelas, animation and feature films. She also facilitates the CSP script reader training programme with Fidel Namisi. WRITING CREDITS: Skeem Saam (2010) Isidingo (2005 – 2008)   ASST EDITOR CREDITS: Material (2011) Othello Burning (2011) Vehicle 19 (2011) Spud 2 (2012) Challenger Final Flight (2012) Kite (2013) Kalushi (2014) EDITOR TELEVISION: SABC Various (2004 -2010)

Tracy Stucki

Tracy Stucki

Tracy obtained her Bachelors in Media Studies and English at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Pursuing postgraduate studies, she completed her Masters in 3D Animation at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, focusing on narrative in animation. Her interest in story led to a career in scriptwriting with Coal Stove Pictures where, after a brief internship, Tracy quickly became an integral member of the team. Fluent in German, Tracy adds to the global capabilities and vision of Coal Stove Pictures. WRITING CREDITS: Behind Office Doors (2015) – Starsat TV Drama and several animation projects in development including Time Sliders (animated TV series) 


  • Hear ME Move

    01 Aug 2014

    Hear ME Move" is South Africa' s first sbujwa dance movie. It tells the story of Muzi, the son of an amazing pantsula dancer.

  • Hear ME Move


    hmm-unofficial-posterLOGLINE: The son of a famous street dancer tries to discover the truth about his father's tragic death 12 years prior. When he joins forces with his father's dance partner, he finds himself embroiled in a bitter rivalry that pushes him to his limit.

    DURATION: 105 minutes
    GENRES: Dance. Drama
    NICHES: Street Culture, Urban
    RELEASE DATE: February 2015 (South Africa)
    DISTRIBUTOR: Ster Kinekor Distribution

    DIRECTOR: Scottnes L. Smith
    PRODUCERS: Fidel Namisi and Wandile Molebatsi
    CAST: Nyaniso Dzedze, Bontle Modiselle, Mbuso Kgarebe, Makhaola Ndebele, S’thandiwe Kgoroge, Wandile Molebatsi, Lillian Dube, Alf Ntombela, Amanda Du Pont, Boity Thulo, Lorcia Cooper, Trevor Gumbi, Khanyi Mbau and Khutso Theledi.

    PRODUCTION COMPANY: Coal Stove Pictures 

    Official Website:

    Official Trailer, Featurette, Clips, Production Stills:

  • Writers Guild win for Fidel Namisi

    08 Jul 2014

    Coal Stove Pictures's Fidel Namisi wins the 2013 Writers Guild Award

  • Writers Guild win for Fidel Namisi

    After months of preparation and fundraising, the Writers’ Guild of South Africa (WGSA) pulled off the inaugural WGSA Muse Awards in Cresta, Johannesburg, honouring the best performance writers in South Africa for their film, TV scripts and stage plays. Our very own Fidel Namisi became the first recipient of the first award for Best TV comedy script for Tooth and Nails.

    Harriet Meier, chairperson of WGSA, feels that the award by writers for writers is long overdue. “Finally there is an award which acknowledges the creators of local entertainment; the incredibly talented writers who take an idea and give it life, a face and a unique character, which is then brought to the screen by the actors, directors and producer.”

  • Hear Me Move Official Trailer Released

    22 Aug 2014

    The official trailer of Hear Me Move has been released. Watch it here.

  • Hear Me Move Official Trailer Released

    sbujwa nation dancing small 5The official trailer of South Africa’s first dance film, “Hear Me Move”, has finally been unveiled, giving dance fans and film lovers a first look at director Scottnes L. Smith’s powerful coming-of-age narrative.

    The film features energetic “sbujwa” and “pantsula” dance sequences, choreographed by the award-winning Paul Modjadji, that play out against the backdrop of a gritty urban Johannesburg seldom seen on the silver screen. Smith says, “We opted to focus on sbujwa and pantsula, our home grown urban street dances, because we wanted South Africans to see themselves and be proud of their contemporary culture.”

    The film tells the story of Muzi (played by newcomer Nyaniso Dzedze), a mild mannered accounting student at a Johannesburg college and the son of a legendary township pantsula dancer. When tragedy struck at a street dance and his father was murdered, young Muzi promised his mother to give up dancing. What Muzi doesn’t know is that his father’s death was not as everyone believed it to be. When his father’s former dance partner, Shoes, approaches Muzi to join his crew, “Sbujwa Nation”, Muzi has to choose between finding out the truth about his father’s death or disappointing his mother. What he doesn’t realize is that by joining “Sbujwa Nation”, he will make himself mortal enemies with Prince, the former leader of “Sbujwa Nation” and head of rival dance crew “Ambi$hN”.
    The film features a host of well-loved South African actors such as S’thandiwe Kgoroge as Muzi’s mother, Makhaola Ndebele as Shoes and Lillian Dube as Muzi’s grandmother. Alfred Ntombela, Khanyi Mbau, Lorcia Cooper, Boity Thulo, Thembi Seete, Amanda Du Pont and radio DJ Khutso Theledi also make cameo appearances.

    For more details, visit the film's official site at

    Watch the trailer at:

  • Fidel Namisi speaks at Kyknet Film Festival

    28 Aug 2014

    Fidel was in the panel on the future of comedy in South Africa.

  • Fidel Namisi speaks at Kyknet Film Festival

    silwerskermfeesThe KYKNET SILVERSKERMFEES is an annual film festival hosted by KYKNET, promoting South African writers and filmmakers and featuring a host of panel discussions. 

    Invited to participate in the comedy discussion on August 28th is noted writer-producer, Fidel Namisi. Fidel wrote and produced “Hear Me Move”, South Africa’s first dance film that’s going to cinemas on 19 December 2014 (

    Fidel was also the winner of the 2013 Writer’ Guild of South Africa Award for the Best Comedy Writing and has more than ten years experience in the South African Film and Television industry. He has written12 feature length scripts, 9 of which have been produced. He is currently co-producing the Afrikaans feature film Verskietende Ster, directed by Darrel Roodt.

    Namisi said, “I am honoured to have been invited by Kyknet to serve on a panel with such notable people as Anne Hirsch, Rethabile Ramaphakele and Francois Toerien. I’m looking forward to hearing their views and learning from them.”

    The discussion points will include the comedy gap between theatre, TV and online comedy, comedy writing best practices, how to appeal to the younger generation and international comedy trends.

    This year the festival is being held from the 27 to 31 August at the Bay Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town.

    For more information about the festival visit:

  • "Hear ME Move" screens at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

    08 Jul 2014

    Hear ME Move was screened at the South African pavillion, and attended by international sales agents and distributors.

  • "Hear ME Move" screens at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

    Cannes X4Cannes X4The Cannes International Film Festival, known to be the most prestigious and publicised film festival in the world, previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from around the world. The invitation-only is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France. Hear ME Move was screened at the South African pavillion, and attended by international sales agents and distributors. Countries represented included Germany, Japan and the USA. During their time on the Riviera, the boys did get some time to get around, take in the sights but kept their eye on the prize, which was to distribute the movie. Fidel and Wandile had been to Cannes the year before and this was Scottnes’ first trip to the Festival. Catch Lee-Ann Manas’ interview with Wandile and Scottnes’ on Morning Live on SABC2 the morning the pair were leaving to attend Cannes here:

  • Wandile Molebatsi and Fidel Namisi co-producing Verskietende Ster (“Shooting Star”)

    02 Aug 2014

    Wandile Molebatsi and Fidel Namisi co-producing Afrikaans feature film "Verskietende Ster" (“Shooting Star”)

  • Wandile Molebatsi and Fidel Namisi co-producing Verskietende Ster (“Shooting Star”)

    Writer/Producer Fidel Namisi and Actor/Producer Wandile Molebatsi are currently co-producing Afrikaans feature film "Verskietende Ster" (“Shooting Star”), directed by the award-winning Darrel Roodt and produced by Philo Pieterse and Writer/Producer Stefan Enslin.  

    The film tells the story of a young man who is forced to use his musical talents to mend his relationship with his father following the death of his mother.  

    Written by Stefan Enslin of Faith In Motion Productions, the movie will feature some stars in the soon-to-be named cast. The film is being shot on location in Johannesburg and Pretoria and will be released later in the year.

  • Sbujwa invades Canada

    08 Sep 2014

    Hear ME Move, SA’s first dance movie, has been selected to join the SA Delegation of Films headed to the 2014 Toronto Int Film Festival

  • Sbujwa invades Canada

    Toronto ON Toronto Skyline2 modified 

    Hear ME Move will join the Export and Trade Exchange Delegation headed to Toronto on the 7th to 15th September 2014 where the film’s producers from Coal Stove Pictures, will attend the various networking and business-to-business sessions in order to meet with North American Producers and Distribution companies.

    Wandile Molebatsi, producer and actor from Coal Stove Pictures, will be representing the film. Molebatsi shared, “The response to Hear ME Move in Cannes earlier this year was amazing. The interest in the music and dance from South Africa has been a huge draw card for International Distributors.”

    The film gives a glimpse into the new narrative being lived and created in Urban Africa. Using the world of Sbu’jwa and Dance as a back drop, Hear ME Move takes audiences on a journey of self discovery as we follow Muzi, a mild mannered accounting student at a Johannesburg college. The son of a famous township pantsula dancer, he promised his mother to give up dancing after his father was murdered years ago at a street dance. What Muzi doesn’t know is that his father’s death was not as everyone believed it to be. When his father’s former dance partner approaches Muzi to join his crew, “Sbujwa Nation”, Muzi has to choose between finding out the truth about his father’s death or disappointing his mother who has sacrificed so much for him.

    The Association for Transformation in Film and Television (ATFT supported by the Department of Trade and Industry have created a platform where local filmmakers can attend international film festivals and finance forums to grow the Film and Television Industry.


    Wandile TIFF

    There is a new wave in South African Filmmaking. With the assistance of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti, National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF and the Industrial Development Co Operation (IDC Black Filmmakers are creating a troupe of South African films that are entertaining and commercially viable

    Wandile commented, “Film sets are a great way to improve our nation’s unemployment levels. With outa doubt, that is one of the reasons, the government is supporting film production so heavily. Even from the interactions that Coal Stove has had with producers from around the world at Cannes and Diff we (Coal Stove) are realizing that we have an opportunity to attract international studios: with the solid crew, servicing facilities and companies and the awesome actors we have in South Africa.”

    Hear ME Move will be hitting South African screens on the 19th December 2014. The film is also going to screen in a tour of UK Film and Arts festivals as part of the 20 Years of freedom International Campaign.

    To view the trailer and for more info, go to

    For more information contact: 

    PR Expert
    Janine Lloyd
    Tel: 011 465 1209
    Cell: 081 295 7586

    Coal Stove Pictures
    Wandile Molebatsi

  • Hear Me Move Film takes Sbujwa International

    11 Sep 2014

    Hear Me Move, created by Coal Stove Pictures, has been selected to be shown at the Toronto South African Film festival (TSAFF) from 1-2 Nov.

  • Hear Me Move Film takes Sbujwa International

    South Africa’s first dance film Hear Me Move, created by Coal Stove Pictures, has been selected to be shown at the Toronto South African Film festival (TSAFF) from 1-2 November 2014. TSAFF presents feature films and documentaries that explore the culture, history and politics of South Africa to international film industry audiences.

    ProudlySA Logo CorporateHear Me Move, supported and endorsed by Proudly SA, explores urban South African dance culture, music and the vibrant authentic style of youth in the country. Sbujwa is an energetic township dance style and combines different dance styles that is uniquely South African.

    Fidel Namisi, winner of the 2013 Writers Guild of South Africa award for best comedy writing , co-producer and scriptwriter for Hear Me Move says, “We wanted to give a platform to showcase our indigenous urban dances. The world has seen hip-hop. It has seen contemporary. It has seen b-boying, but it hasn’t seen Panstula and Sbujwa immortalised on the silver screen.”
    Dance has been part of almost every South Africans life no matter the race. Namisi comments, “The film depicts South Africa as a country that is full of potential: potential to move on from the past and embrace the future. That’s one of the key messages of the film: listen to the past, but don’t let that stop you from speaking to the future.” The film explores the story of a young man, who goes on a life journey of self-discovery through dance and music.

    Hear Me Move is distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment and will be shown in South African cinemas on the 19th of December 2014.

    To watch the trailer and for more information on the film visit: or can visit the social media sites on twitter: @HearMeMoveFim and Facebook: Hear Me Move Film.

    For more information contact

    PR Expert
    Janine Lloyd
    Tel: 011 465 1209
    Cell: 081 295 7586

    Vunene Valoyi
    Cell: 076 883 5683

    Coal Stove Pictures

    Fidel Namisi
    Tel: +27 11 403 1446
    Cell: +27 86 668 7650

  • SA Film attracts African Market

    03 Oct 2014

    South Africa's first dance film Hear Me Move invited to 4th edition of African International Film Festival (9 -16 November) in Nigeria

  • SA Film attracts African Market

    South Africa's first dance film Hear Me Move has been invited to be screened at the 4th edition

    of the African International Film Festival (AIFF) from the 9 - 16 November 2014 in


    The South African film industry has been elevated on the global stage through the success of

    films such as Tsotsi and District 9. These types of achievements have made it possible for the

    SA film industry to have confidence in other local movies such as Hear Me Move.

    The film educates the world on how South Africans express themselves through their finest

    local music and dance moves that trend within townships. The film has joined the South

    African film industry in a positive direction, inspiring SA youth to appreciate and uphold their

    culture. Through this film, the directors and producers were able to capture the essence of

    dance as an expression that unites our youth.


    “The film aims at going further into other African countries and to also reach international

    audiences which will further expose our talent and culture and alleviate the negative

    perception the world might have about SA and expose the Sbujwa dance style to the world.,”

    says Fidel Namisi, co-producer and script writer for the film.

    “Hear Me Move will resonate with African audiences and is the first South African dance film,

    endorsed by Proudly South Africa showcasing the youth twenty years after democracy.”

    Recent trends of dance culture including sbujwa and pantsula cited in the film evokes

    the feeling of being proudly South African and as Namisi states “it ignites the feeling of

    achievement through cinematic moments.” Namisi has over ten years of experience in the film

    and television industry. Fidel and the team, director Scottnes Smith and producer Wandile

    Molebatsi have worked hard over the years to finally see the film become a reality.


    The passion for SA dance and love of film production has led to a strong partnership between

    these three individuals, from their university years until today. Coal Stove Pictures have

    identified the opportunity to give young individuals the chance to express themselves by

    making use of their talents. As a partner with co-production in other countries like Canada

    and France, Coal Stove Pictures strive to connect themselves with other countries to display

    Africa’s talents.


    For more insight on the film visit or contact Fidel Namisi on

  • Coal Stove is growing with The Development Team

    28 Oct 2014

    Meet "The Stove" - the team putting coal in the stove and cooking up hot new ideas

  • Coal Stove is growing with The Development Team

    20141020 125503We’ve had a few busy few months here at Coal Stove Pictures, and the team has been growing. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new people in roles that touch all parts of our business to deal with the increasing flow of traffic. "The decision to bring the team onboard was a no-brainer after we had assessed and developed our strategy for Coal Stove Pictures' next step forward," says co-founder, Fidel Namisi. "Scottnes, Wandile and Clare Louis, another new addition who has taken over the majority of the post-production duties and has a hand in sales, have already seen the team's valuable contribution. We're enthusiastic for the projects that are coming in the new year," he concluded.

    After quite an extensive search and testing process by Nomusa Nkabinde, the three interns eventually chosen for their varying levels of scriptwriting experience, sheer creativity and academic achievements that they bring to "The Stove" - the name for the development team- have already proved they are cooking up hot new ideas with a twist of fresh. Coal Stove Pictures’ development team consists of Nomusa Nkabinde (Head of Development), Mmakgabo Komape (Development Supervisor) and three development interns Tracy Stucki, Sphamandla Madondo, Ntombizodwa Magagula.

  • Dept of Arts & Culture Supports "Hear Me Move" at farewell Press Conference

    06 Feb 2015

    Arts and Culture’s Minister Nathi Mthethwa: "We see young people who are reflecting the soul of their nation."

  • Dept of Arts & Culture Supports "Hear Me Move" at farewell Press Conference

    HearMeMove Conference



    Speaking at the "Hear me Move" farewell press conference held hours before director Scottnes Smith and choreographer Paul Modjadji jetted off to Los Angeles on Friday, 6th February, Arts and Culture’s Minister Nathi Mthethwa said, “The production of Hear Me Move is a turning point in getting the youth of South Africa to tell and write their own stories and history.We see young people who are reflecting the soul of their nation. The production is also a testimony of the commitment of young people to take their rightful place in society."

    He believed that the success of the movie will put South Africa on the global map and also increase the contribution of the SA film industry to the gross domestic product.
    The Minister called on all South Africans to support the movie, saying that “for a very long time, South African popular culture did not reflect our identity, experience, history and heritage”.

    In addition the Minister elaborated that “Our mandate is to empower the youth to be able to pursue viable careers in the arts industry and we are determined to find ways for the youth to find creative outlets and innovative ways to release what’s in their souls.”

    He applauded the use of indigenous languages and township patois in the film that imbues the flavour of popular culture and contributes towards the promotion and preservation of SA’s languages.

    The movie received support from a number of institutions including the Department of Trade and Industry, Industrial Development Cooperation, Gauteng Film Commission as well as the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). The press conference was also attended by funding partners; National Film and Video Foundation represented by CEO Ms. Zama Mkosi and Brand South Africa represented by Advocate Lesley Sedibe.

    For the full article:

  • Africa’s Biggest Dance Film at the American Film Market

    02 Dec 2014

    Writer and co-producer, Fidel Namisi, travels to AFM to meet with distribution and sales agents

  • Africa’s Biggest Dance Film at the American Film Market



     Every November, Hollywood’s wheelers and dealers congregate on the picturesque seaside city of Santa Monica in California, all seeking to buy or sell the next great movie that will make ripples internationally. The American Film Market has been described as the gateway into the North American film and television industry – a gateway that leads into the rest of the world. All the major studios and agencies are represented here, and from time to time. A-list actors and directors also put in a technical appearance to boost the sales efforts of their teams.

    Caught up in this melee is Hear Me Move, Africa’s first dance film. The film’s writer and co-producer, Fidel Namisi, travelled to AFM to meet with some sales agents who are interested in getting the film to global audiences even before its official release in South Africa.

    “It’s really quite something being in this place,” says Namisi. “From my hotel room, I can make out the iconic Hollywood sign on the hills in the distance. As a writer, it feels kind of weird being in the birth place of so many great scripts. As a producer, it’s a great learning opportunity to get a closer insight into how films are made. I’m really grateful to the DTI and the Association of Transformation in Film and Television for this opportunity.”

    The American Film Market doesn’t only involve the buying and selling of completed films. It’s also the place where lots of deals between producers and financiers are initiated or finalized. Some of the upcoming projects being discussed at the 2014 AFM include Al Pacino’s Retribution, Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and Woody Allen’s new comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. “When you come to AFM, it makes you realize just how tiny the South African film industry is. It’s a very good reality check that makes me realize how much more work is yet to be done”, says Namisi.

    Hear Me Move has already struck up quite a lot of interest amongst American distributors. “The tricky thing is finding the right partner for the film,” says Namisi. “We’ve had several offers already for US distribution, which we are considering.  But for us the main thing is taking the time to carefully select the company that best understands what this film is really about. It’s much more than a dance film. It’s got a touching story, framed by dance. That’s not easy to do. Which is why to this day I still congratulate Scott (director Scottnes L. Smith) on a job masterfully done.”

    Hear ME Move will hit cinemas in February 27th 2015.

  • Hear Me Move,Four Corners & Cold Harbour selected to compete at prestigious 23rd Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles.

    09 Feb 2015

    NFVF announces that 3 NFVF funded films compete in 23rd Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles.

  • Hear Me Move,Four Corners & Cold Harbour selected to compete at prestigious 23rd Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles.

    safe image



    On 9 February 2015, the National Film and Video Foundation announced that three NFVF funded films Four Corners, Hear me Move and Cold Harbour have been selected to screen and compete at the 23rd Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF).

    Four Corners has been nominated for Best Narrative Feature, while Cold Harbour has been selected for Best First Feature Narrative. Hear me Move screened on 9 February, at 20h00.

    On the 12 February, the NFVF, in partnership with Thina Sobabili producer Ernest Nkosi, will host a South African reception at 19h00. The reception will be followed by the screening of the films. NFVF Council member Advocate Roshan Dehal will be in attendance, representing the NFVF and congratulating all South African films competing and screening at the festival.

    The Pan African Film Festival will take place in Los Angeles from 5 to 16 February 2015.

    For the Full article:

  • Coal Stove Pictures congratulates Clare Louis

    16 Mar 2015

    Coal Stove Pictures congratulates Clare Louis on one year working with the team.

  • Coal Stove Pictures congratulates Clare Louis

    Coal Stove Pictures congratulates Clare Louis on one year working with the team. Clare’s promotion to Producer/Sales Executive underscores Coal Stove’s commitment to expand the focus of the company from exclusively commissioned local productions to global-quality content for foreign and domestic markets.

    Having spent 15 years of her life travelling to and living in more than 80 countries, then returning to complete a master's degree in 3D animation, Clare is now able to leverage the international networks formed over more than a decade to access various international markets.

    “Since Coal Stove Pictures released Hear Me Move, Clare’s commitment to innovation, creativity and belief in people have proven a driving force in enabling us to access new markets,” said Fidel Namisi. Coal Stove Pictures started in 2006 with South African filmmakers Wandile Molebatsi and Scottnes Smith and the trio are sure that her increased responsibilities will support the company’s development. “It’s a well-deserved promotion and she has actively been a driving force in getting the animation division of Coal Stove off the ground, from securing funding to being a direct conduit to markets outside the country.”

  • Coal Stove Pictures chosen as KhayaFM BizzBoost

    22 Sep 2015

    Coal Stove Pictures chosen as September finalist for KhayaFM BizzBoost

  • Coal Stove Pictures chosen as KhayaFM BizzBoost

    Since its establishment in 2007, Coal Stove Pictures formed by three Wits University graduates, is now one of ten SMME’s that have been selected to be part of the 2015 BizzBoost™ program.
    Fidel Namisi, writer/producer and  two-time Writer’s Guild Award Winner, Wandile Molebatsi, star of A Million Colours and Scottness Smith, director and producer of Hear Me Move are proud to be one of the top ten finalist selected to compete in this year’s KayaFM BizzBoost™, an initiative proudly brought to you by Nedbank and KayaFM.
    The KayaFM BizzBoost™ is a programme aimed at providing SMME’s with tools that will allow concrete expansion for business to take things to the next level. Through practical guidance by business guru and specialist presenter KAYA FM’s My Money & Me, Thuli Magubane, the Bizz Boost™ programme provides businesses with one on-one consultancy sessions that afford businesses an in-depth analysis and supplies companies with solutions. 
    Thuli Magubane, a UCT graduate, was recently referred to by BizCommunity as “a business owner with experience in management consulting, corporate finance and investment banking. Having overcome many challenges in life and accomplished much, she is well positioned to encourage and motivate others to succeed and grow their businesses to the next level."
    The BizzBoost ™ programme will enable Coal Stove Pictures to meet its mission to deliver content that embodies Global African Excellence by aligning to a leading radio station like KayaFM. KayaFM is the largest independent commercial regional station in Gauteng speaking to 1.6 million of a discerning Afropolitan audience weekly. The broadcasts are a unique mix of music and talk content. 

  • Hear Me Move Wins Two Awards at Kalasha International

    07 Dec 2015

  • Hear Me Move Wins Two Awards at Kalasha International

    Coal Stove Pictures biggest feature film to date, Hear Me Move won two Kalasha International film and television awards, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Score! The African International Film and Television Award took place on the, 30 October 2015, at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, awarding Kenyan born Coal Stove Pictures co-founder, Fidel Namisi the two prestigious awards.

    The main initiative for the awards is to generate a more centred fold for the arts within Kenya, and the Kalasha International film and television awards, is a proud promotion of aligning East African heavy weights with one platform. The award show showcases the very best with the Kenyans within the film and television industry, and highlighting outstanding work that resides in and around Kenya.


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